LGBTQIA+ Trivia Night


Come show your smarts and learn a thing or two about pop culture, pride flags and history related to LGBTQIA+ as the Center for Multicultural Events (CME) hosts a riveting night of trivia.

On Wednesday, Oct. 17 the CME will be hosting a trivia night in Spratt 203. On the night of, students will come with their teams and answer questions that are all multiple choice. Each answer also gives a description of the history of the answer.

Students who want to participate in this event needed to sign up in Blum 207 with a team of five people by Wednesday, Oct. 10. Bre Eison, CME program assistant, explains why they decided to have this event.

“This event is to help educate others about the LGBTQIA+ population in the community itself,”  Eison said. “So, even though it is a trivia game, it is also a learning experience for those who do not know much about it.”

The official topic list has not been released yet, but some of the topics that will be covered during the trivia night will be what the letters are and what they represent, what certain flags look like and what colors are in them, historical questions and more.

Eison talks about how she came up with the topics and questions and some examples on what students should review ahead of time.

“I actually looked at some events historically wise and also the basics-like what the letters stand for, the flags and when they are made and why they are made. Some things are kind of easier for most people to understand because it is on television or social media, but some of the other things are actually historical events that have actually happened to show that it is not a new thing, but it has been around for years,” Eison said.

Each student who shows up will be able to choose from a variety of buttons handmade by Eison that say different things like gay pride, lesbian pride, transgender, transexual and many other acrynyms for the LGBTQ commuity.

The winning team will get t-shirts, as well. Lauren Hill, sophomore, gives her opinion on why she feels this event will benefit students.

“This event will help students realize that while diversity can mean someone of a different ethnicity, it can also mean someone with a different lifestyle. Events like these help educate students about LGBTQIA+ issues,” Hill said.

This event will be held in Spratt 203 on Wednesday, Oct. 10. For any other questions, be sure to stop by Blum 207 to get more information.