Jett ready for takeoff

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“I got into golf because a lot of my family played so I grew up around the game at a very young age,” Simmons said. “It’s as simple as that.”

Freshman Jett Simmons is adjusting to his new college life at Missouri Western while gearing up to begin his first season of college golf.

Simmons is from Gallatin, Missouri, a small area, but that didn’t stop Simmons from achieving his biggest dreams, which was receiving a chance to play at the collegiate level for golf.

Coming out of high school Simmons was a MSHSAA Class 1 champion and had the title of State’s Top Small Class Golfer.”

His golfing career started long before high school. He grew up watching close family members play the game and soon found his own connection with the sport and never looked back.

Simmons played through his high school career and signed to attend Missouri Western his senior year. Some might say that golf greatness lives in Gallatin, Missouri.  Current professional golfer and Missouri Western Hall of Famer Brice Garnett not only attended Missouri Western, but also went to the same exact high school Simmons attended in Gallatin, Missouri.

Simmons now here is ready to begin the season and help his team win in any way possible. Simmons’ goals for the season are to improve his game and to be able to compete with the college level golfers. He also wants to work on his finishes throughout the season. Finishing better than he did the last game is an accomplishment for him.

Simmons spends a lot of his free time working on his craft, but finds times to catch up on his hobbies. Simmons enjoys playing basketball, hunting, perfecting his fantasy football teams and just hanging out with friends and family.

Being only a freshman, Simmons is still figuring out how to balance his personal life with his golf, but is eager to take on the challenge.