Homecoming week at Missouri Western


This week is homecoming week for Missouri Western, and there are a variety of events going on around campus throughout the week prior to Saturday’s football game against Central Oklahoma.

The week kicked off with a couple of rescheduled events due to rain. There was cookout and games on Sunday and a field day on Monday, both in Looney Complex. Regardless of the bad weather, Homecoming Advisor Sandy Lewandowski is optimistic about the week.

“My hope this week is to see a successful homecoming, not only for our student body, but also for our alumni and Dr. Vartabedian since this is his last homecoming,” Lewandowski said. “The rain has definitely challenged my committee members and their events, but they came together as a team and made the adjustments needed.”

With all of the events that are going on, there are multiple organizations involved- from Greek life to alumni, many people are a part of this year’s homecoming.

“For the student body, it shows the unity between the organizations. This is a time where it’s fun, free entertainment, free food and some friendly competition between organizations,” Lewandowski said.

Assistant Director of Homecoming Jashira Bolden talks about the other homecoming events that are happening throughout the week.

“The blood drive, food drive and pep rally are the bigger events that are happening this week,” Bolden said. “The pep rally is when everyone comes together in Looney, and the royalty court is announced.”

With a wide variety of events going on, it is encouraged for all students to attend. Bolden explains why students should come out this week.

“Believe it or not, we the students are paying for homecoming. It’s a big thing, and it comes out of all of our bills, so coming to theses events allows you to get your money’s worth,” Bolden said.

The two events that are going on all week are the food drive and the blood drive. The food drive started on this past Sunday and ends on Friday at 2 p.m. The food drive is a competition with organizations around campus and is good for the community, according to Homecoming Chair of Community Service Sara Wyss.

“All of the items from the food drive are being donated to the campus cupboard,” Wyss said. “So, not only will we be helping the community as a whole, but we will also be helping our campus and all Western personnel. The food can be donated to the boxes at any time, but they are inside the offices, so they will be locked up and not able to be accessed over night.”

Along with the food drive, the blood drive has started as well. It began on Tuesday, Oct. 9 and ends on Thursday, Oct. 11. It is open from 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day in Blum 218 and is open to anybody willing to donate.

“Each organization will be competing to see how many people they can get to donate under their organization’s name. There are a few ways you can donate other than giving blood. People can come in and work as blood buddies, they can work around the room for 30 minutes, or they can wear the blood drop suite,” Wyss said.

On top of Western organizations competing with one another, it is also a competition with Northwest to see which university can donate more as a whole.

There are also many other events happening this week. There is a drive-in movie on Wednesday, Oct. 10 at the clock tower; a silent party on Thursday, Oct. 11 at Fulkerson; and the homecoming parade on the morning of Saturday, Oct. 13 at downtown St. Joseph.