Getting Signed Up For Your Spring Semester Classes


Registration for spring semester classes is right around the corner, and that means setting up a meeting with your advisor as soon as possible.

Priority registration is different for all students- Oct. 8 for seniors, student-athletes and graduate students; Oct. 11 for juniors; Oct. 15 for sophomores and Oct. 17 for freshmen.

Before going in to meet with your advisor there are a few things you will need to do, according to Director of Student Success & the Academic Advising Center Elaine Bryant.

“Make sure you have looked at possible classes to take beforehand because it’s not the advisors decision what you are going to take. It’s the students decision,” Bryant said. “We are just here to help guide you through the process.”

There is an easier system that has been recently made on Goldlink to set up your classes in a more effective way.

“We have a system in place called ‘schedule planner’ for our students, where they can plug in the classes that they are interested in and what works for their schedule, and it puts it all together and gives them optimal schedule options for them,” she said.

Although the meeting is primarily for setting up classes for the next semester, there are more reasons for the meeting, academic adviser Derek Evans said.

“Your advisor is not only going to give you your classes. You should use it as an opportunity to talk about anything you’re struggling with,” Evans said. “You first need to make sure that the current semester is going well. Bring any issues that you are having in the current semester, and make sure that you have an idea about the classes that you want to take for the next semester. Come in with an idea about your short and long term goals.”

If students are unsure to who their advisor is or where they are located, the information is on their Goldlink as well as Griffon GPS. Students are given an alternate pin number that changes every semester.

“This is so students can talk about how their current semester is going before moving on,” Bryant said. “There is so much that a student can benefit from by getting that one-on-one connection with their advisor.”

Advisors in different departments can help getting students connected with internships, as well as study away options that are within their department. They can bring up part-time jobs that might be available for their advisee, as well as help get students connected with reference letters down the road for grad school and future careers.

While registration begins soon, students can register for classes up until the first week that classes have started in the next semester. However, this is not recommended.

“The earlier the better because you have a better shot of getting classes that you actually want and need before they are all filled up,” Evans said. “If you don’t register early enough, you may miss out on the classes that you need to graduate with, which could throw off your graduation by a semester or more. It can also leave you to have to choose between morning or night classes that may not work for you timewise.”

There’s no deadline, but the quicker you register, the better the classes you are going to have. Classes fill up fast, especially since our enrollment has gone up this past year. Sophomore Devin Guerrero met with his advisor last week to discuss his plan for the spring semester. He explains what exactly happened in his meeting.

“We sat down and looked at what was needed for my major, how many credit hours I should take and what classes that I would need to take that would go towards my major,” Guerrero said. “He gave me a list of classes that he pulled from a sample paper for my major. He gave me instructions and gave me a pin number to use in Goldlink to register for my classes.”

It is advised that students come in sooner than later to get their pin before their advisors availability gets booked, and you have to wait to register.

“A lot of the advising process really doesn’t have to do with the next semester, but with things going on now,” Evans said. “We have to focus on the right now first because that will ultimately determine what courses you are able to take next semester.”

Scheduling appointments with advisors began on Sept. 26, while the registration dates run throughout October.