Geography Trivia Bowl

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On Wednesday, Oct. 3 the Geography Club held a Geography Trivia Bowl to test people’s ability on what they know about the world to help raise money for Playground Map Project.

Kim Leach, president of the Geography Club, explains what the purpose of having this event was.

“We are raising funds for our ‘Playground Map Project,’” Leach said. “SGA gave us money for appropriations to buy large scale maps for creating maps on playgrounds for local schools.”

There were five teams that competed in the trivia bowl. Junior Renee Zwahl who participated tells how she knew about this event.

“So, they posted up in the HPG bulletin board in the first floor of Popplewell to sign up,” Zwahl said. “We had to sign up because geography trivia is awesome.”

Leach also mentioned that they’re going to start the Playground Map Project with one of the local schools, and Lowe’s has donated all of the supplies. Also, this event will help to pay for the extra things they are going to need. Leach is pretty much satisfied with how many participants they had come out and support.

“We are pretty happy with the turn out,” Leach said. “I kind of wish we would had a couple of more teams, maybe some more people to come watch. For our first event and not sure of exactly how we were going to do it, and not having a huge reach out – basically staying within our department – we are still pretty happy with it.”

Although this was more of a way to raise money, the Geography Club is looking forward to doing this event again in the future.

“Hopefully we are going to do this every fall. We are going to try to do ‘Playground Map Projects’ either once a year or every semester. It depends on if we can find schools that are interested or not,” Leach said.

History & geography professor Emily Gioielli explains how much fun she had at this event.

“It was a really fun event,” Gioielli said. “It was really well organized. I had a great time.”

Gioielli was part of the team that won the trivia bowl, and she explains how it felt to win.

“It was a lot of fun, of course. We were really excited because it is always fun to win. It was also fun because this was my first semester at Missouri Western, so it was great,” Gioielli said.

Gioielli mentioned that if this event was to happen again, then she would attend and because it is for a good cause to put geography into elementary schools.