Gary Clapp recieves 2018 E. Ann Nalley Regional Award

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Associate professor in the department of chemistry and former founding CEO of Christopher S.   “Kit” Bond Science and Technology Incubator, Dr. Gary Clapp, is being recognized for his volunteer efforts for serving the American Chemical Society and contributing significantly to the goals and objectives of the society through regional activities as he will receive the 2018 E. Ann Nalley Regional Award on Oct. 22 in Ames, Iowa  at the Midwest Awards Banquet.

“I’m humbled to be receiving this award. I know and have met Ann several times. She was the past president of the American Chemical Society, and she is committed to teaching and education. She’s such a leader for women and such a leader for scientists. I will walk in her shadow,” Dr. Clapp said.

Dr. Clapp started his educational journey at the age of 25 and joined the American Chemical Society when he was a student at Minnesota State, Mankato, in 1985. He has used the professional relationship throughout his entire career as they hold regional, local and national meetings every year.

Clapp arrived at Missouri Western in 2005, where he was hired to run the Business and Technology Incubator and has since been an influential model of the chemistry department.

“I’ve known Gary for almost 20 years & professionally through the American Chemical Society for all of that time. Gary has worked for the university in more than one capacity has tons and tons of awards in his past,” Dr. Mike Ducey, who is phair and professor in the chemistry department, said.

Even with a small absence in 2012, as he became the vice president of research and development for the company, Crititech, based in Lawrence, Kansas, he still found his way back home to Western as he returned as a full time associate professor and faculty member in 2016.

“He hired me as an intern when I was a graduate student. After I graduated, he then hired me as full time lab manager. He’s been my instructor, boss, mentor, colleague and friend throughout the years. I’ve really enjoyed working with Gary,” chemistry instructor, Deborah Jefferies said.

Dr. Clapp has been active statewide on a variety of boards, including the National Food Animal Vet Institute, Science and Citizens Organized for Purpose and Exploration, Missouri Biotechnology Association Board of Directors, American Chemical Society, National Institutes of Health, St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Heartland Foundation Board of Directors and many fellowship awards as well.