We like the new Griff Card system


Missouri Western is introducing “Griff Cards” to encourage students to come out and attend various events sponsored by the school.

Each card has 30 punches on them of a the logo for Western. When a student gets all 30 punched, then they will be entered in a raffle at the end of the academic year to win various prizes. But, other prizes will be handed out to students to those that have a Griff Card. How you know if an event is a “Griff Card” sponsored event is to look at the upper right hand corner of the advertisement, and you’ll see that it is a Griff Card sponsored event.

The prizes are divided up to where every first Wednesday of the month there will be ten door prizes handed out to the first ten students that show their card in CSI. One of the prizes raffled out to students is a pair of “snapchat sunglasses.” The sunglasses take photos or videos with a push of a button on the sunglasses. They have HD quality, charge on the go, plus they are water resistant as well. Another prize will be raffled at the end of the academic year. It is not known what the prize will be, but it will be something that is worth achieving 30 punches for.

It’s not only prizes that will be handed out, but also VIP seating available to those that have a Griff Card on hand too.  

This is a good initiative at Western to promote student involvement on campus at events throughout the school year, such as sporting events, plays and musicals. Now, the students will have something to look forward to at events when they go. When they are watching the event they’ll be thinking. “I only need to get 29 more punches, and then I’ll get entered into a raffle” or “Cool. Since I have a Griff Card, I can get VIP seating at Griff Card sponsored events!” The cards will be attractive to students that wish to earn prizes,). They will then go to events sponsored. While at the event, they will find enjoyment, make new relationships at the events and support fellow Griffs that are in events. Once departments see that students are interested in the event, that will then cause the department to put on more events to the students. This then could potentially have an event for students almost weekly so that students aren’t just left at Western wondering “What is there to do here?”

If they are met with positive reception, then more benefits to the cards can be added. One of those things I can think of is maybe having the cards tie in with food services at Western, specifically in the food court. So, with this many punches that student could get a discount for their food or by having 20 or more punches by the end of the year, the student can be given a “Mini Max” which is a small stuffed animal Griffon so they are still winning something.

Even though the cards have just started,  we see great potential in these cards if they become popular.