The Great American Novel Sucks

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We all had to read the “Great American Novel” in school, although I am sure that most of us did not actually read it. The “Great Gatsby” is a lot of people’s favorite classic novel, and while that’s a nice sentiment, people are allowed to have opinions after all. I think “The Great Gatsby” is terrible and here’s why. First of all, most people only like it for its Roaring 20’s aesthetic, which is a pity because Fitzgerald was trying to prove a point that behind all that beauty is darkness and prejudice and people straight up dying in the pursuit of a very materialistic life. Gatsby strikes it rich because of a girl he met one time and also his first love, which people condemn Romeo and Juliet for falling in love in one scene then swear to be together the rest of their lives, but people really overlook Gatsby seeing a girl once then devoting his whole life to pursing her. It lacks any real substance. Our narrator, Nick Carraway, is emotionally vacant to the things that happen. He’s just a passerby with no real depth. The only time we see an emotion out of him is Gatsby’s death. Honestly Fitzgerald, if you needed a narrator with no emotion, just write the thing in third person. There is a lot wrong with the novel, but my last point will be this: The “love” between Gatsby and Daisy is also pretty shallow and greedy. Fitzgerald even pointed this out himself calling it a flaw in the novel. We are supposed to believe that they love each other, but this isn’t even expressed well enough in the novel for us to be sad about the ending.