Shout Musical Review

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Last weekend the department of cinema, theater and dance held its first event of the fall semester in Potter Hall theater and set the bar extremely high for the upcoming productions that will grace MWSU stages this year.

Audience member and student here at MWSU Daniel Brachman had high praise for the musical and said he a new found respect for MWSU productions.

“This was my first time attending a musical event here at MWSU and I honestly expected an amateur performance but each of the women had excellent range, acting and I really enjoyed the choreography, it all seemed so professional and I was just taken back by how good of a job everyone did,” Brachman said. ” They definitely have my interest and the bar is very high for the next shows in line.”

September 7, 8 and 9th the “Shout!” musical made its return to Missouri Western, giving the St. Joseph community and students another chance to witness the theatrical performance. Of course, this time however felt quite a bit different, the lights seemed brighter and more butts filled the seats of the Potter Hall theater.  However, the cast dedicated a tremendous amount of time perfecting their roles and was ready for the moment says MWSU student Jarod Estrada.

“The experience of playing for SHOUT to me was amazing. There was a good balance of professionals and students involved, but every person was treated as a professional which led to great chemistry throughout the cast and crew,” Estrada said.

The musical is centered around a group of five gals from England in the swinging sixties and their journey to individually discover what love means to them. The lack of cast members seemed to be a plus, as the chemistry on stage radiated unto the audience creating a television show series type of vibe.

Cast member Kennedy Brock who played the role of the “Yellow Girl” spoke about how the group developed such an outstanding amount of chemistry.

“With shows, I’ve noticed you have to build a family. The chemistry just came easy to me because I was already close with Samantha Ogdahl (Green Girl), Bonnie Bouc (Blue Girl) and that made integrating the other two a whole lot easier,” Brock said. “It was just a fun experience to get to do a play with your friends for the first time and also when you’re with the same people for up to 100 plus hours in a month. It’s pretty strange if a friendship doesn’t develop.”

“The Great American Trailer Park” musical is the next musical that will be shown at MWSU, and it’s schedule debut is on Oct. 11 in Potter Hall.