Open house highlights student media


Griffon Media programs held an open house on Friday, Sept. 14, as a way to allow students and faculty to meet the staff members of the media programs for the upcoming year.

The Griffon Media programs are Griffon UpdateGriffon News, The Griffon and Reach, which was previously known as Canvas. Griffon Update is the broadcasting class that is under the instruction of Dr. Bob Nulph. Griffon News is the student newspaper that is supervised by Dr. Robert Bergland. The Griffon is the student yearbook that is produced by Dr. James Carviou. Reach is led by Dr. Mary Kunkel.


“We wanted to let people know that we are a creative space, one that they might not know that actually exists on campus, and we give a really great opportunity to improve your skill level, whether is writing or photography,” Bethany Vonseggern said. “We just want to get people more involved with the media. Not just us, but with Griffon News and Griffon Update. I think it’s really important, especially in this visual world we live in today.”

The open house gave students and faculty the chance to meet members of the student media programs and learn a little bit more about how their departments work. Cake and other snacks were available for anyone who participated in the open house. The open house started at 1 p.m. and continued until 3 p.m., and a ribbon cutting for each department started at 2 p.m.


“I’m a little disappointed in the amount of people who showed up. I wish there would’ve been more because I don’t think a lot of people on campus know that we do this and that you’re probably in our show at some point,” Mackenzie Boos said. “Overall, it was good. I liked how we did a ribbon cutting for each individual department to show that we’re still going.”

As student based programs, all of the leader positions available are filled by students. The Editor-In-Chief of the Griffon News is Caleb May, the Editor-In-Chief for The Griffon is Vonseggern. For Griffon Update the Student Producers are Boos and Bailey Ketchum, and the Editor-In-Chief for Reach is Da Vion Huey.


“I think it went really well, and it was really interesting. It was great to have President Vartabedian here. Always having his support is really important to us, and hearing that he was proud of us was probably the highlight of the event,” Vonseggern said.

“We had lots of visitors and Max the Griffon came, so that’s always a good time. People were very kind and very complimentary of the space,” Kunkel said. “We were hoping to make the space kind of like a recruitment tool as well for students who aren’t English majors to come in and think, ‘Oh, I like that. Maybe I’m creative,’ and hopefully join our staff.”


Boos says that she is planning to change the entire show this year, and she hopes that students will realize that they’re trying to cover everybody and everything that’s happening on campus.

“We want to thank the journalism folks for the whole shuffling and allowing us to have this space. We see the journalism department as such good friends, and we hope to just reach more people and have more name recognition of what we do. We also want to thank all the people who helped us over the summer,” Kunkel said.