New faculty member shares her Greek life story

Campus Voice Opinion

People often ask, “Why did you join a sorority?” and while that’s a great question, I think the more important questions is, “Why did you stay in your sorority?” It’s easy to talk about the whirlwind of excitement that comes with becoming a new member. The part that takes longer to say is how the friends I made, skills I gained, and memories I created shaped the person I am now. Balancing budget discussions with graduating early showed me the importance of priorities and self-care; negotiating membership fees with my international headquarters showed me prioritization and the importance of communicating; pulling together a venue, catering company and decorating company in four weeks taught me multitasking and communication; having my sisters behind me taught me that I could do anything. My experience with the fraternity and sorority life (hereon “FSL”) community is what inspired me to finish my degree and go change the world. I truly believe that the passion brought by these incredible groups of people has the potential to be a huge benefit to the members, the university, the community and the nation.


Fraternity and sororities go deeper than many people understand. While it’s easy to see the group of men and women wearing letters and taking pictures, FSL is about more than that. As a proud community of people who meet under a common cause of fraternity, academic excellence and service, these organizations draw people together for a lifetime, and this powerful connection can be directed in such a positive direction. Each year, FSL across the nation raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for philanthropic causes and spends innumerable hours on community service. On Missouri Western’s campus alone, our FSL organizations raise money for causes such as fighting hunger, sexual harassment advocacy and drug and alcohol safety, to name a few out of many. In addition, many FSL members bring the skills from their organizations into their campus community for events such as Griffon Orientation and Griffon Edge. Because they are such tight-knit organizations, they have a unique ability to push strength in a way that few other types of organizations can.


I’m excited for the opportunity to work with such passionate people. My mission is to help fraternity and sorority life succeed at Missouri Western and to empower its students. I hope to bring the strengths I have together with the strengths I’ve found in these students. It has been a whirlwind of activity getting acclimated just as recruitment is happening for both the Inter-Fraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council, and it’s been a lot of fun getting to know everyone. My ultimate goal is to help FSL continue to benefit themselves, each other, the university and the community, and as we move through the year, I’m excited to see what we come up with!