Missouri Western money distribution between entities

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Missouri Western over the past few years has made a number of renovations and additions to the sports buildings on campus, most with positive feedback, but is it worth it?

The biggest addition recently was the video board, added at Spratt Stadium. Without the video board, I would have to record football practice with a regular camera like a basic regular person, and that’s disgusting.

Anyways, the video board is really nice, now it has fireworks, yay! But, we have a video board for a football team that’s been… decent? For a few years now, and our football games constantly have less attendance than most other MIAA teams, was it worth it?

More recently we’ve added the Bill Snyder Pavilion, which I am a fan of. Snyder is very deserving of commemoration and praise, I have no ill will towards that man and his Pavilion.

Also currently going on is some renovation to the basketball court, was it needed? I mean, no, not really. We have a good basketball court, and the renovations really only make the gym look more like a Missouri Western gym and not just a regular one. Although I like the new gym, it wasn’t really a necessity.

Now I could go on and on about the financial situation in the athletic departments, and how even inside the athletic department, football is favored, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

In my opinion, too much money is being spent on renovating athletic buildings and getting bigger better things in there and not enough into other areas of Western that also deserve bigger better buildings and objects to help them do what they do.

Potter Hall has incredible theatre, art, choir, band programs, among others I didn’t mention, that just don’t get nearly as much love as sports do, and they deserve it just as much.

There’s no fix to this problem in this story, opinion piece, whatever, that’s not what I wanted. What I want is to bring attention that the sports on this campus get so much love, other places should to.

I don’t want the misconception that I hate the sports here at Western to be floating around so let me say, I love them. they deserve that love and money, because they’re phenomenal athletes. All I’m saying is that the arts here at Western also deserve love and support from the higher ups at Western.

I know finances are tough to comprehend, especially at a collegiate university so this may just not be attainable because the arts don’t bring in as much money as the sports do, but if this is something that can happen it deserves to happen to them.

I’m close to both the arts and the sports here at Western, and neither of them deserve to be shafted by the ugly financial head of Missouri Western, so I hope this is a predicament that can be fixed in the near future.