Western adds additions to dining

Campus Voice Editorial Opinion

Missouri Western adds new dining hall additions to the school to accommodate the incoming class of freshman.

One of the new additions is Western has added a full functioning Starbucks. The store takes the spot where Java city used to be. By putting in Starbucks, Western in result has redecorated half of Blum Union to give that Starbucks atmosphere to the institution. The store opens and closes later than Java City. If things go well with Starbucks, then more features will be added on to raise student happiness.

This is a good thing because if students are looking to stay up and study later than most, they can enjoy coffee late while doing so. Another reason Starbucks is a good idea to the school is because it’s a well-known chain that students can go and get coffee or snacks to satisfy themselves. It can raise good money that can then go to other future projects that will make Western a better school to attend. By adding more features to Starbucks, like mobile serving, it’ll make the students want to spend money to get coffee delivered for instance and will raise money effectively.

Furthermore with dining services additions, Western has remodeled the dining hall. The seats and tables have changed to where there are booths that also have outlets for laptops or other electronics and USB outlets to charge phone batteries. There are bar stool seats near the windows for students that like to look out the windows at lunch. They can now do so comfortably. A couple stations were switched around such as the waffle maker is now on the side where the desserts are. The entrance to the dining hall has also changed to where students now enter on the side that faces the new Starbucks.

This was a good change so that students that are on meal plans can now enjoy their food while being in a new atmosphere in the dining hall. This could give students a reason to want to eat on campus and have a meal plan to be able to eat in the cafeteria. Students’ morale will be higher, and they will want to keep eating at the dining hall.