SGA launches Third Thursdays in conjunction with local businesses

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SGA and local businesses are launching Third Thursdays in an effort to promote the cultures of both Missouri Western and downtown.

Currently, 16 local businesses have agreed to do promotions on the third Thursday of every month. Businesses involved include bars, restaurants, coffee shops and home decor shops.

SGA Vice President Evan Banks has headed the project and says that St. Joseph’s downtown has the ability to provide a college town experience to students.

“While St. Joseph is limited in its ability to provide amenities and entertainment, downtown does exist, and it does do its best to provide those things,” Banks said.

“St. Joseph has the population that would be similar to other college towns, but it lacks the culture that exists in those other places,” Banks said. “The idea is to foster that type of culture in downtown St Joseph.”

SGA President Austen Hall says that another goal of Third Thursdays is to bring students closer to the downtown community.

“Thirds Thursdays are meant to bring Missouri Western and downtown Saint Joseph together,” Hall said. “We wanted to foster a better sense of community and create a sense of connectedness between them as opposed to them being two separate entities.”

A major goal of Third Thursdays is to make students more aware of the communities that exist in St. Joseph.

“I hope students are able to get a better feel for the downtown area so that in time, a sense of community and togetherness is fostered between the two,” Hall said.

“With this accomplished, we can begin to help one another grow simultaneously while fostering a heightened sense of mutual respect and community,” Hall said.

Hall says that the total cost of Third Thursdays is $100 to boost posts on Facebook. Banks is working to get more businesses involved. The next Third Thursday will be Sept. 20.