Greetings from the SGA president

Campus Voice Opinion

Hello All,

My hope is that you had a summer filled more with fun than with work. I know it went by faster than what many of us wanted, but here we are, so let’s make the best of it! I want you all to know that I am here for each and every one of you, so if you need me, my office is right above the food court—on the second floor of Blum. Don’t hesitate to just stop by and chat!

With that said, there are two things that I plan to address as president over the course of the next year. First, SGA is going to be extremely direct. When there are issues, I want those issues brought up so that we don’t tiptoe around what we really need to say. There have already been some very direct and transparent meetings between myself and the administration, and I look forward to continuing and improving upon these throughout my term. And, to be clear, directness does not imply being rude or there being a lack of courtesy. So, if we want to mold Missouri Western into the best that it can be for students, it is going to take directness. Yes, it may be uncomfortable at first, but that will pass in time through its practice. If you are a member of SGA or will be having interactions with SGA, I ask you to adopt this approach as well. Secondly, apathy must be addressed immediately. The SGA needs to have students understand what SGA is and what it is here for. If we don’t like something as students, voting and participation through or in SGA should be our biggest tools. Furthermore, we need those who are apart of SGA to buy in. If you are a member of SGA, you are extremely important to fighting apathy, therefore you yourself cannot be apathetic. Your participation in meetings and on campus is crucial, and I will be holding you accountable. And understand, I do expect you to hold me to the same standards as well.

To conclude here, as I alluded to earlier, I need to ask something of you. First, as mentioned; be more direct and fight apathy with me. Not even the greatest leaders in the history of the world could do anything by themselves. It is the people who chose to follow them that allowed their visions to come to fruition. This brings me to the last thing I am going to ask you to do. This is to believe. If you believe in me and believe in Missouri Western’s potential to become a better version of its current self, there is no telling how much progress we can achieve over this next year. So be direct… fight apathy… and believe.

Thank you all and have a great year!