Evan Banks to become SGA vice president

Departmental News

Over the summer former Director of External Relations Evan Banks was promoted to vice president after Reece Christensen stepped down.

Banks says that he wants to work to represent the student body.

“If student government is to act somewhat as a check against the administration or at least as a representative body of the students, I very much want to be a part of that,” Banks said.

“The student government is beholden solely to the student body, and in that regard, that is my primary focus,” Banks said.

Banks wants to focus on using student fees in the best interests of the students.

“Every student pays a fee that they either do or don’t care about, but I care about it because it’s something that’s being charged,” Banks said. “In the interest of protecting our students as monetary resources, we need to make sure that everything that SGA is doing, and that administration is doing, is in the best interests of students.”

Banks was originally hired as this year’s director of external relations after Vice President Elect Reece Christensen resigned. SGA President Austen Hall says that Christensen stepped down over the summer.

“Reece and I had many discussions over the summer about the upcoming year, and ultimately, he decided it would be best that he relinquish the role of VP due to time constraints associated with work, family and school,” Hall said.

Hall says that Banks was hired for his drive and work experience.

“I knew immediately Evan was the best replacement,” Hall said. “I do know him well personally, but it is his professional record that speaks for him. He won numerous awards last semester, and his drive and involvement in the community are unparalleled.”

Banks encourages students to become involved with SGA in order to help create change.

“Your student government works harder than you can see,” Banks said. “Support them. Vote for them. The more that students who otherwise would have been apathetic get involved, will only result in more progress and progress that is indicative of students desires.”

Banks will be approved during SGA’s Aug. 27 meeting.