Editor Reviews New iPhone X


For the last 5 years, I’ve been carrying around this trusty little iPhone 5s, with a cute Maneki-Neko lucky cat case. My favorite part of the case was that it was big enough to draw attention away from the fact that I was still communicating via an ancient relic that could only be charged by twisting the charging cable around it 3 times. From there I had to tuck it underneath a heavy object and chant Apple prayers to the iPhone gods so they’d charge it to at least 35%.

Because of the low storage, the phone could no longer support holding photos either, so all photos had to be taken through Facebook messenger. A regular person would resort to Snapchat in such time of crisis, but my phone would crash every time I tried to open the app. (My excuse for not opening your snaps, but let’s face it I wouldn’t have anyway).

The goal had always been to save my upgrade for when the iPhone X came out. The only problem was the new things cost money and every time I had enough money to upgrade, something more financial dire would stop me. However, cue April and the return of the taxes. Plus, Sprint has this promotion going on right now where you can get an iPhone X for $20 a month….

So, I went from probably the oldest functioning iPhone to the newest one and the difference was pretty drastic. I’d missed years worth of iOS updates, so I didn’t realize normal people could no longer save images from the internet by just clicking a “save image” tab. No problem. I’ll just screenshot and crop. But I couldn’t figure out how to screenshot either. So I went an entire day unable to send any memes. Drastic.

Overall, the new features are pretty amazing. Not to mention the camera quality. Overall, I’m just thrilled to have a phone that works. You’d be so surprised the toll it takes on your relationships with significant others, friends and family when you can’t communicate properly because your phone is always dead. Also, the internet is seeing a massive increase in photos of my dog. Obviously, everybody wins.