Why young marriage is the best idea


Since I was a little girl, I imagined my Prince Charming and I falling in love, getting married, and living “happily ever after.” I read all the books, watched all the movies, and became a helpless romantic on the search for the man of my dreams. As a 19, almost 20-year-old young woman, I married that man I’ve searched for since I was a little girl.

I get told almost every day “how young” I am to be married to my husband. While this frequent comment can be somewhat unnerving, many times I take the opportunity to explain my decision, and why I believe getting married young is the best idea. Many people nowadays, in our generation, believe that marriage overall is unnecessary and pointless. If you love someone, just stick with them, no ring necessary. Right?

I say, wrong!

My rebuttal to that is, if you say you’re going to it one day anyway, why not do it earlier if you really think it won’t make any difference? Why wait if you really love that person and intend on spending your life together? I believe people who are scared of early marriage are scared of real commitment at a younger age.

Marriage is a symbolic union, yes, but it is also a public and lawful union. Marriage is a way to display to everyone around you that you are taking a step and fully committing yourself to another person. If you already intend on “growing old” with your significant other, why would you wait to marry until you’re already old?

I believe marrying young is the best way because you start life with your best friend, partner, and lover at an age that allows you to truly grow together. When you marry young, you have more time as a married couple to explore together and grow together mentally, emotionally and even financially before you and your spouse start thinking of a family of your own.

When you’re around 30 years old, children are closer at hand than when you’re 20.  It’s true you’re only young once, so why not use your golden age to spend with your true love before you’re old, wrinkly and saggy?

My grandmother was 19 when she married my grandfather. She has zero regrets, and her and my grandfather are in their 60′; still the most precious couple I know. My mother was 20 years old when she married my 22-year-old father, and they are about to celebrate their 20th anniversary; with zero regrets about it.

Good relationships aren’t always easy, so it’s true when people say marriage can be hard, but honestly, that’s any relationship; boyfriend and girlfriend, or husband and wife. But when times get rough, marriage to me is that thing that holds us together and brings us back to where we should be. One of the most infuriating beliefs to me is when people say that marriage results in lost passion… This is so far from the truth.

Love and passion never have to die, as long as you actually work at it and put in the effort. There are countless stories of young couples that marry when they’re in their prime time. Those countless stories are witnessed to be some of the happiest couples. That must mean that marriage can’t be that bad and that maybe I’m right when I say that it’s is a beautiful thing, and it’s best to experience it when you’re young.