Why the Chiefs won’t be good.


The Chiefs have made moves this offseason, some good, some bad, some hated. The entire point of this story might fade away and be classified as obsolete by the time the draft comes around, but until then, the Chiefs won’t make the playoffs next year; they won’t even be second in the division.

Let’s look at these moves I’ve brought up. They traded Alex Smith for Kendall Fuller and a 3rd round draft pick. This is a move I like, but this is also a move I will hate for the rest of my existence if Pat Mahomes doesn’t play good this year. We saved money on this trade, got arguably the best slot corner in the league, got a third round pick and paved the way for our young QB. Throughout all that, Chiefs fan may hate this pick a year from now if Mahomes doesn’t deliver.

Speaking of that slot corner, that’s another thing. If the Chiefs are smart they’ll keep him at slot. If they put this man on their depth chart as a number one corner, he will be ruined. You saw it a lot this offseason with people overpaying for slot corners. Patrick Robinson signed a 4-year $20 million dollar contract because he was good as a slot corner. Just because someone’s good at the slot doesn’t mean they’ll be good as a number one.

Also I brought up that if Mahomes doesn’t play well, Chiefs fans will hate that trade, and I don’t think that he will do good. He’s a young, dangerous gunslinger and to do good early with this archetype, you need a good O-line and we don’t have one. Our best receivers are really only speed threats which will mean more chances which’ll mean more turnovers more than likely.

And please don’t let me bring up the defense, losing Derrick Johnson, Marcus Peters, among others, we’ve got holes and with a gunslinger QB throwing picks left and right, teams will have more chances to exploit our defensive holes and that’s where we’ll lose games.

And finally in our division, the Chargers are on the up and up and could be a sneaky playoff team, and honestly could win the division. And then the Raiders. This Jon Gruden experiment will either really pay off or kick them in the ass, and I think, at least early on, it could work, and I think both the Chargers and the Raiders will finish 9-7 or better and both make the playoffs.

The Chiefs are a good team, but a good team with a young QB and a holey defense, and that is a formula that just screams 8-8.