Why Jeeps are the most efficient vehicle around


Although Jeeps are very expensive, I think they are the best cars around.

Why do I love them so much? Jeeps are made to go through a bunch of stuff and with me being a bad driver I needed something that will take what I put it through and a Jeep will do that. I had always loved Jeeps since I was a little kid. I did have a red Jeep Liberty Sport as my first car and I loved it until I started having so many issues with it to where no one could figure out what was wrong with it. Even though I did have problems with the Jeep it did not change my mind on how I think about Jeeps.

I named my Jeep Daryl because I was obsessed with The Walking Dead and Daryl was my favorite character so my first car got named after him. Daryl had everything I wanted in a first car. It had four-wheel drive, very comfy seats, a big trunk and a nice Bluetooth radio everything a person could want in a type of car.

My dream Jeep would have to be a CJ-5 because it is so tiny and cute, but since it is old I would instead settle for a two-door Jeep Wrangler. My personal Jeep would also have teal and black color doors like the Jeep from Teen Wolf that Stiles Stilinski had.  

Jeeps also keep working even if they are at high mileage and that is what anyone needs in a car. Since Jeeps will take anything a person throws at it and they even work at high mileage, this will give the driver the satisfaction of driving anywhere they want to go and not have to worry about whether the car is going to break down because the car has 140,000 miles on it. Also, anyone can do repairs to their Jeep themselves because the repairs are fairly simple and it saves anyone money, and who doesn’t love that? Even if a Jeep owner wants to buy a different car or even a different Jeep, the Jeep they are selling will have a really good resale price just like trucks do now.

With Jeeps also being compatible with people, the driver can take the doors and tops off if it is a nice day outside because the Jeep is made to do that which I find to be amazing and comfortable when driving.