Western dance clinic begins: preparing for auditions

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Students all over Western campus are starting to get a new pep in their step. The main cause of this is the Missouri Western Dance Company (MWDC)’s dance clinics. With clinics just now beginning, and auditions coming up, many students have dance on their mind and in their daily routines.

April 6th marked the first day of clinics in the Looney complex. Students attending the event are preparing for final auditions next week.

MWDC assistant coach Brittany Alsup is helping hopeful dancers clean up choreography, music and more before auditions. There are three subgroups in MWDC: steppers, divine glory and the majorettes.

Alsup said that this year involves some good competition and that she is excited to finalize the new team.

“I am super excited because from my understanding, last fall was our first season,” Alsup said. “So it’s a big deal to have a whole new team and a new season next year. I’m really excited to see the outcome of it.”

Alsup says that MWDC offers a new opportunity to students outside of other sports or clubs.

“I think it’s important because a lot of our dancers have never had experience,” Alsup said. “ome of them are brand new. It’s just a really good opportunity that isn’t an actual sport. It’s a club, so you can learn, be comfortable and not feel like you’re obligated to upload a scholarship or anything like that.”

Western freshman and MWDC dancer Jason Holliman is looking forward to performing in the MWDC auditions.

“I love dancing because it’s a way to express yourself and it’s basically talking through your moves,” Holliman said.

With auditions coming up, Holliman has been working practice into his routine.

“I feel like I’m going to do pretty decent,” Holliman said. “I will be practicing probably three times a week.”


Western freshman and first-time dancer Al-eysha Byrd is trying to quickly learn the dance techniques being taught at the clinics.

“I’ve definitely learned some ballet,” Byrd said. “I think I’m one of the only ones that didn’t have any dance experience at all, so that part is a little challenging, but I’m trying to learn.”


Western student and MWDC dancer Cameron Price says that the students who attend the clinics are more likely to be admitted into MWDC after the final auditions.

“Personally, I’m not worried about,” Price said. “I think because we have two clinic days, and then we have a mock audition, which is basically your audition before the audition, I believe anybody who comes to all the clinic days and what not will make it.”


MWDC will hold mock auditions on April 20 in the Looney complex and final auditions will be held on April 21.