Western baseball season recap

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It’s been a down year for the Missouri Western baseball club. Batting average is low, ERA is high, and it’s been tough, still they sit above .500, and that’s the story of this team.

Casey Danley leads the Griffons in batting average with .323 currently, he also leads the team in HBP (Hit by pitch). But back to the batting average, his .323 average would have been fourth on last year’s team, and this year, only two people have managed to hit above .300.

I think a more telling stat is who not doing good, and five starting players have averages below .240. You have two batters with over 10 errors on the season so far, strikeout numbers are sky high, this offense with all its talent shouldn’t be doing this poorly.

Strikeouts, that’s what this year has been. This entire year this team has been striking out consistently more than their opponents, and they’ve lost those games. The pitchers, while doing good, aren’t strikeout pitchers, they rely on good defense and this team has good defense, to a certain extent. Like I said earlier, two players have 10+ errors and as I understand they play at highly-trafficked positions with balls going left and right around them, that’s still a lot of errors.

The starting pitching on this team has been good. Carson Dwyer was doing great with a 2.40 ERA before his injury. Jacob Miller has been on the rise as the season has progressed, currently sitting at a 3.38 ERA on 11 starts, and Nate Hunter has been everything from a starter to a closer and currently sits at a 4.88 ERA.

The stars right now have been Kellan Richards, with a 3.34 ERA over 29 appearances, and Preston Bailey, with a 3.18 ERA over 20 appearances, including a start.

Also congrats to Richards for breaking the Missouri Western full season appearances record as he now stands at 30.

The rest of the bullpen though, has been atrocious. Four relief pitchers have an ERA over 10.00 and four more have an ERA over 5.00 and four pitchers have more walks than strikeouts!

I’m happy for Richards that he broke the record, but there’s no reason for someone like Richards, who’s usually a one out guy, to be pitching multiple innings because there isn’t much confidence in the bullpen arms.

And it would help if the bats would produce just a little bit more, but with the bats faltering, there’s no good spot to let a younger less confident arm pitch, so they won’t get innings, won’t get confidence, and they’ll have to continue pushing Richards past what he’s used to doing.

This year, the word has been strikeouts, they haven’t pitched enough, it’s happened to them too often. This year, for Missouri Western, was a swing and a miss.