Transgender girl stands in her truth

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Nicole Maines, a transgender motivational speaker, spoke to Western on March 29th in Spratt Hall about standing in her truth.

Center of Student Involvement sponsored Standing in Your Truth at Spratt Hall 101 on March 29, students came to listen to Nicole Maines, a transgender advocate lecture about standing in your truth.

Individuals listened to Nicole Maines tell her story of how she dealt with discrimination while being transgender.

“For those who don’t know, I’m here speaking about transgender issues and  trying to share my story about utilizing my own voice as an transgender youth,” Maines said. “I’m trying to spread the message  that no matter your age you have an important story to tell and your story is uniquely your own and its powerful.”

Western student De’Lorom Coburn said she learned a lot while attending this event.

“My favorite moment in the event oddly was the part of where they were talking about how they would start lobbying  and how she was so young and she was working very much so working on her authority,” Coburn said.

Assistant Dean of Student Development Isaiah Collier explained his favorite moment at the event.

“Standing in Your Truth is a lecture series that we created about three years ago, we try to bring in lecturers that brings diversity throughout their life,” Collier. “Honestly, the entire lecture was my favorite moment because her story was so powerful that everyone can benefit from. Some benefits from these lectures is that you can get a chance to you get to hear confidential stories that you wouldn’t hear in a classroom,” Collier said.