The Craig School of Business sets record in Scholarship Awards


The Steven L. Craig School of Business sets a record after awarding $82,000 dollars to 50 Missouri Western students.

On April 12 at its annual ceremony, the Craig School of Business announced that a record number of scholarship awards was set for the 2018-2019 academic year. Approximately 46 current Western business students and four incoming students who are admitted and will enroll as freshman this fall received scholarship awards totaling $82,000 dollars. Scholarship awards vary for each student depending on a number of undisclosed factors.

The record breaking amount of awards is in large part thanks to endowed scholarships awarded to business students said Craig School of Business Dean Micheal Lane.

“It is not CSB money,” Lane said. “It is endowed scholarships awarded to business students. An endowed scholarship is funds by a specific donor(s) used to fund university and college scholarships. Most of these scholarships go back many decades.”

These scholarships however aren’t just awarded to any average Joe, but to students who have demonstrated achievements both on and off campus said Assistant Dean of the Craig School of Business Tom Williamson.

“The scholarships are competitive and most are based on GPA, usually a 2.5 or higher,” Williamson said. “The scholarship donors provide the requirements:  business majors [sometimes discipline specific like Accounting] GPA, earned hours, county of residence, need, etc. It means our students are excelling in the classroom and involved in campus an community activities. The more students we recognize and assist financially, the better.”

Students wanting to be considered for a Western competitive scholarshis in the 2018-2019 year must first complete the General Scholarship Application before the Feb 1 deadline.

Director of Financial Aid Marilyn Baker emphasized the importance of meeting the deadline date.

“We are constantly working on the next semester[s] and we have a lot of students to take care of so we take our deadlines very serious,” Baker said.

After completing the General Scholarship Application, students will be able to find scholarships that cater to their academic year, major and even personal experiences in some instances.

For more information regarding applying for scholarships, students should go to the Missouri Western website, go to the Financial aid page, scroll down to aid opportunities and then click on Scholarships and Grants.