Take A Vacation To Galveston, TX

Featured Opinion

Galveston, Texas is the best place to vacation. There are so many things to do a person could never get bored. The water is always warm, the air is always warm, there are plenty of shops to go to, there is a main stretch of high way right next to the beach, there are places to pull off on the side of the road to get to the beach and there is a Moody Gardens that has any attractions a person could think of. I recently went to Galveston and spent almost a week there and never wanted to come back home. I went to the beach every day and hung out there for half the day and then went to some of the shops they have along the beach. My favorite spot to go to was at the very end of the island where I could pull off to the side of the road and walk down to the beach, it was so secluded and made me feel like I was the only one that knew about the spot. I went to the Moody Gardens aquarium one time during the week and saw a bunch of penguins that would stare at you and then act like they were waving at you. While I was at the aquarium I got to touch stingrays and jellyfish, I also got a painting made by penguins that lived in the aquarium. The painting was of penguins’ feet because the staff at the aquarium put paint on the bottom of the penguin’s feet and let them walk across the canvases, best 25 dollars I ever spent. At the beach I ran into a storm that was not in the forecast, while I was walking to the beach I noticed there was a big black cloud a little way from me and did not think anything of it, until I was on the beach and did not see anyone in the water or on the beach. I was standing by a hotel and saw some people standing up along the walk way towards the beach but no one else was there but me and my boyfriend. We were too far from the car and could not go back so we sat there and waited for the storm to pass, eventually it did and the water became warmer than it had been before. Out of all the things I did on that vacation I would say that it was definitely the best vacation I have ever been on and would recommend anyone to go there on vacation!