Student Argues Being Busy Isn’t A Good Excuse

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Submitted by Britne Misner

We live in a world of profoundly “busy” people. Running around, forgetting deadlines, eating poorly, and dehydrating themselves. Telling themselves that they are sacrificing their relationships and their health for spiritual growth and an upper-hand in this mess we call life. But we also live in a world filled with critics. People who make us feel as if we are not spending our time wisely. The time we spend writing stories, reading books, going to shows, hanging out at the bars, spending with our significant others, doing things that make us happy is time we should be spending doing whatever they consider to be a valuable way of spending time.

This results in the toxic dishonest life of being forever “busy” and making the people who we are too busy for seem irrelevant and uninspiring. We are all “busy” because we all prioritize what we consider most valuable to us. Some people put career and family first. Some put social obligations and public events first. Some put hobby, education, and alone time first. All of these are respectable choices. Stop using “busy” as an excuse. Admit that it’s simply not what you value most. Stop saying that if you had all the time someone else has you would do these things. You wouldn’t. Because if you valued what they value you would have made different decisions in life that opened time for the things that are more important to you. If we could all just start being honest about where our values lie, maybe we would feel less desire to one-up each other’s “busyness.”