Shi Qing Ong Golf Profile

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The women’s golf team has been having a pretty decent season as junior Shi Qing Ong has made some noise this season as she has won two individual championships and has been named MIAA Golfer of the week four times this year.

Ong transferred here to Missouri Western from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. She started learning golf when she was 10 years old. Her dad played a role in her love for golf. Ong had an early interest in the game of golf as she started advertising herself to coaches so that she could pursue her dream of being a professional golfer.

“My dad used to love golf so much, and he would bring me along every time he goes golfing,” Ong said. “When I knew about college golf, I started sending emails to multiple schools. We had to go through the interview with coaches, and they would look at my swing videos and tournament scores to see if I am a good fit for the team.”

Ong was introduced to Western and coach Dillion by Celine Lim, a former Griffon golfer who is also from Malaysia. Eventually, she became a golfer here at Missouri Western and so far she adjusting quite well with western culture.

“Definitely a big culture shock; the food is different, people are different and the education system is different from back home too,” Ong said. “I find the language barrier is also the hardest thing for me, to adapt myself to a totally new culture, new friend. Being faced with so many challenges, I still enjoy being a student-athlete here because it definitely helped me develop many life skills that I probably wouldn’t have had if I chose to stay home.”

Being one of the older players on the team means she has to be a leader. Her teammates look up to her as she is a team player.

Tiffanie Yabut talks about Ong and her presence during games.

“Chingy stays calm and confident,” Yabut said. “She focuses on the task at hand and has the ability to forget past mistakes quickly and grind until the end of the round while others let their mistakes get them down. Her mental toughness is greater than anyone I’ve ever played with, which is why she is such a great player”.

Ong is a humble player that every coach wants especially in the game of golf. The mental toughness and just being to able to fit in the overall team as good as she is a major contributer and most definitely be needed in the tournament coming up. Catch Shi Qing and the rest of the team in Kansas City at Swope Memorial Golf Course as they compete for the MIAA Championships April 24-26.