National No Technology day


In today’s day in age, or the technology era as I like to call it, it is impossible to not see one person using their cell phone or any advanced 21st-century technology on any given day. Which makes me wonder what life, just for a single day, would be like if everyone was unable to connect with each other through technology.

I’m sure everyone has at least one family member that constantly brags about how the 70s and times before that were so much better before technology. And with the amounts of people I see on a daily basis that don’t even take the time to look up and see what’s ahead of them when they are walking in the hallways makes me wonder. Could just a single day without technology be a stepping stone to the return of normalcy?

I know I can’t be the only one bothered when I am around a large group of people and instead of talking to each other, everyone is on their phones the whole time.  The element of face-to-face interaction has disappeared and I believe it definitely plays a role in many of America’s most tragic events, mass shootings.

Since the invention of the cell phone in 1973 by Motorola employee Martin Cooper there has been a rise in mass shootings. There was a spike in mass shootings in the 80s and over the last decade as technology continues to evolve the numbers continue to increase. I believe if more face to face communication was more prevalent than just maybe these shooters would be more vulnerable to expressing there emotions to someone easier, instead of bottling them up and letting factors like social media fuel there unstable emotional mindsets.

A single day without technology is something that I believe should happen in the future to simply restore personal communication that has been fading as technology grows.  I believe this could improve human relation and also save the lives of many people with mental illness.