Meet Market 4/18/18

Meet Market Opinion

How do you date in the age of technology? What’s the possibility of finding someone when most of our interactions are online/through text? Sincerely, Tech Savvy

Dear Tech Savvy,

Like most of life, dating is relegated to digital representation in lieu of anything that could be principly described as real. Since there are so many ordinary people who represent potential utility to an extraordinarily small number of decision making sociopaths, those sociopaths need to trap us in tangles of bureaucracy and mindless toiling to keeping us producing for their benefit. The rising popularity of cell phones has only made this job easier.

While the cell phone is indeed a feat of technology in that it presents the potential to access the whole of human knowledge, it is most often used as a buffer between the user and the inevitable identic suffering that arises from human interaction, particularly mating behavior. Honestly, is there any way that you’ve used your phone to look up information even half as much as you’ve used it to take dog filter selfies on Snapchat? You’re not alone in this sense.

Dating is most like Tinder. Even if you don’t realize it (or admit it), you likely look at potential suitors on some level as objects which are compared against the ideal of human attraction, be it Kim Kardashian (cringe) or Justin Bieber (cringe) or whoever happens to strike your fancy when you do opt to do a Google search. This is good and bad. It’s bad because it’s vacuous and overly idealistic, but it’s good in that you’re aren’t likely to be judged for doing what most people do to begin with.

I wouldn’t worry that you are any less likely to find someone due to technology. Dating is a zero-sum game in which most of the players in a given dating pool are largely playing by the same rules. As such, since everyone is being bogged down by the superficial nature of dating, let alone technologically influenced dating, you aren’t any less likely to find a mate than you would be if you were living in a different time with a different set of rules.