Mandy Harvey sings at Missouri Western

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Deaf America’s Got Talent contestant Mandy Harvey sung her heart out at Missouri Western. 

Harvey was brought to Western when a group of students was taken to National Association of Campus Activities and while on their trip there they saw Harvey, according to Assistant Dean of Student Development Isaiah Collier.

“Last year they saw Mandy perform there at the concert and they really liked her, and they thought that she would be a good fit for bringing to campus,” Collier said. 

The students that attended the concert were amazed by her talent. Vice President of Events with Western Activity Council Alex Richardson found her talent to be impressive.

“I thought Mandy did a really great job with connecting to the audience and making them feel a really special feeling, on how she came up in the business and the struggles she went through,” Richardson said. “She was a great performer and had an amazing voice.”

Richardson said that they upgraded the venue for the event, that was supposed to happen in Spratt. It was upgraded to Potter hall instead.

The event was advertised to the public and the students. The reason for making the event public was so that Western can connect more to the community.

People from all ages attended the concert. Richardson said that the potential reason for this is because the older people have more respect for her.

“I think a lot of older people see that and respect that more that she’s deaf and still made that living, and she does it well. So, I think they really wanted to be able to see that talent.

Richardson said that because of her following on social media and her appearance on America’s Got Talent got her name around.

“Since she had such a big appeal on social media, people knew about her from seeing her viral videos from FaceBook and Twitter and YouTube,” Richardson said. “I think that’s where the community knew her from.”

Another marketing strategy used was using advertisements from Griffon Weekly and getting those checked off and pressed in the St. Joseph press.

Collier said Harvey enjoyed St. Joseph and preforming at Western. 

“She said ‘I liked the students and just the energy of the crowd and audience.’”


Harvey is a American Jazz singer who dreamt of singing as a career. Unfortunately, Harvey became deaf at the age of 18, but that didn’t stop her dreams as she participated in the T.V show America’s Got Talent

Harvey made it all the way to the finals and finished fourth place. Mandy told NPR that she would get really nervous when performing in front of a crowd. But, becoming deaf has helped her in that regard, when Harvey became deaf she got over her fear of singing to big audiences. After performing for a while, Harvey was able to perform to others better.