First time Phi Beta Sigma paint and trap

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Painting was taken to a higher level on Western’s campus when fraternity Phi Beta Sigma put on a painting event with trap music playing in the Center for Multicultural Education office on Thursday, April 12.

Students came to let the trap music inspire them to paint on canvases.

With one teacher giving a main idea of what to paint, the rest of the students portrayed the main image in their own perspective. Each student displayed something unique to their inspiration, while using acrylic paints on blank canvases.

Trap music is a genre of music that is best described as hip-hop rap music with a little dubstep. The upbeat, catchy rhythms in trap make for a great artistic inspiration for any painting or creative artwork.

Western freshman Maya Cooper attended the event and explained what she enjoyed most about it.

“Being able to express myself with all the colors, and everybody’s looks different. Just being here while supporting each other,” Cooper said.

Cooper also gave insight to why she believes it’s important for Western to support events like the paint and trap.

“Getting students involved together in unity,” Cooper said. “This is actually fun. It’s something different that I’ve never done before.”

Phi Beta Sigma member and Western senior Elijah Todd helped run the event and was surprised at the outcome.

“On an 85-degree day, it’s hot outside and we got them out of their rooms,” Todd said.

Todd said his favorite part was seeing the aspiring artists happy.

“Seeing smiles on all the students’ faces,” said Todd. “That’s my favorite part.”

Western freshman Brandon Roberson is another member in the Phi Beta sigma and he expressed his excitement about the event.

“Just seeing people come out of their rooms,” said Roberson. “Not too many people come out to events like this.”

Roberson went on to express the importance of artistic and fun-natured events like the paint and trap.

“It’s important because it’s stuff other than parties,” said Roberson. “People want to party, party, party, but this is something new.”

From colorful acrylics to Beyoncé and Waka Flocka Flame music, the paint and trap event was considered by Western students to be successful, different and a lot of fun.