The hype around Michael Jordan is overrated

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The argument about who the greatest basketball player of all time has really been talked about lately, Lebron James or Michael Jordan. I believe right now Lebron James is the greatest player of all time. He will end up being the NBA’s all time leading scorer. Lebron in his 15th season in the NBA is averaging 27.1 points per game 8.6 rebounds per game and 9 assist per game. Lebron just is on a new level than everyone else.

As he ages he continues to get better as the years go by. This season Lebron is set to play his first 82 game season in his career. Although everyone wants to state the argument that Jordan is six for six in the finals and Lebron is 3-5 in the finals Michael only played in only 179 hundred playoff games and Lebron has played 217 playoff games.

With that Michael has lost in the 1st round of the playoffs 3 times Lebron has never lost in the first round. Michael can’t rebound like Lebron has already grabbed more career rebounds than Jordan, also Lebron has over 3,ooo thousand more assist than Michael. To me the comparison isn’t even close I think Lebron is just a freak athlete, one of the greatest all around athletes of all times a matter of fact.

I believe that Lebron will crush Jordan in all stats, he’s already on pace to be the all time leading scorer. Lebron has appeared in 7 straight NBA finals while looking to make it 8 this season. Lebron also is one of the greatest playoff performers in NBA history. He is number one all time in playoff points scored with Michael being second on that list. Lebron just becomes a new player in the postseason he’s locked in and focused on one thing and that is winning the finals.

To me the only thing Lebron needs to do to solidify his greatness is he needs to beat this Golden State Warriors team in the finals. Being the super team in the league with 4 superstars in Stephen, KD, Draymond, and Klay, if Lebron can beat this team In the finals it will solidify him as the greatest player of all time no question. Michael never had to play teams that were this stacked and this good. He played the good teams when they were old. He couldn’t beat the Pistons or the Jazz in there prime he beat them when they were old. One NBA finals win will close the case on this great debate.