Possibly your next Spring Break destination?

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As a college student, if you enjoy binge drinking, being completely irresponsible and having a good time then South Padre Island might be the right spring break destination for you.

This spring break I had the privilege of going to South Padre Island, Texas, to blow off steam and get away from school. While it is a site to see, the drive down to South Padre is not, however. The 16-and-half hour drive down there is a brutal one so I would recommend flying if you have the expenses. If not, make sure you pack up the car too much and set a great playlist beforehand. Another issue that I came across while getting down there was leg room as I went in a car with five people plus of our luggage. Make sure you’re cool with the people you’re going with as it’s likely you’ll be up close and personal with them for quite some time. Switching turns driving was a big help as no one felt burnt out by driving too long.

Once you get to the Island, get ready for some of the most frightening yet exciting moments of your life. Rockstar Beach is one of the main attractions on the Island as thousands of college students jam pack themselves into one area and begin their festivities. Prepare your eyes for some of the craziest ways to consume alcohol, lots of dancing and best of all just having a lot of fun. You have the opportunity to meet fun and interesting people from all across the country. It’s really cool to see how far some people travel just to party. People were coming from New Jersey, Ohio, Florida and many other far away places.  This past week was also Texas week as a major of students from Texas schools were out. This led to some of the biggest numbers South Padre has ever seen. Big name artists such as Migos, Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Pump performed individual concerts on the beach as part of a package.

Before going down to South Padre, I would extremely recommend paying for a VIP pass as it is well worth the extra $97 dollars in the end. With the pass, you are allowed to get into the bars and featured night events for free and allows for quicker access to the beach. Best of all, the VIP comes with entry to the concerts which individually each concert would cost around $97 dollars if not more. One more thing I would recommend would be to stay on the Island. I stayed off the Island this year and it created a little inconvenience. Whiling it is cheaper to stay off, the amount of driving or catching an Uber/Taxi just to get back to your hotel presented a great deal of issues. If you can, I’d recommend staying on the Island where everything is within walking distance and you don’t have to worry about driving over that bridge time and time again. With that, South Padre is a great experience and would recommend it to anyone needing a new Spring break destination. South Padre Island has all the necessities of the perfect Spring break trip.