Makeup talks to Hillary

Institutional News

To some the presidential election is old news, but to Assistant Professor of English Marianne Kunkel it’s poetic.

Kunkel’s “Hillary, Made up” is a poetry book about makeup talking to Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidential election. The book will be published in September 2018. 

The reason for the unusual topic? Kunkel wanted to be different and write a book about something no one has ever written about.

“I wanted something kind of unique,” Kunkel said. “I like funny poems and I think people sometimes think poetry cannot be funny, but with the voice of makeup I felt I could just be silly and I thought who’s more intimate with her more than makeup.” 

Kunkel brought in inspiration to write this book from the 2016 Presidential Election and wrote in the perspectives of makeup because many women use makeup and they used a lot of makeup on candidates during the election.

The book is 80 pages long and has three sections titled “Eyes”, “Skin” and “Hair”. Each section has its own attitude and personality towards Clinton.

“I was writing one poem a day and it was really fun, I started it at the beginning of summer and finished it at the end of summer,” Kunkel said.

When Kunkel finished the book she contacted friend Johnathan Loesch to create the cover of her book.

They then took real makeup such as lip liner, mascara, lipstick and makeup brushes which all belong to Kunkel herself to act as colored pencils on the cover of the book.

The cover of the book tells the story that is in the book itself because we only see the cover of people when we first meet them.

“Not literally, but metaphorical, we color in people we judge them by the way they look,” Kunkel said.

Anyone who is interested in getting this book can purchase it on Amazon in September or it can pre-ordered.

In the process of writing this book, Kunkel would write while her young son napped. Because of her son’s compliance Kunkel dedicated the book to him.