International Student Services Hosts its first Tea and Talk

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The International Student Services at Western hosted their first Tea and Talk on Feb 28th. The event consisted of tea and food and a discussion about relationships from other parts of the world.

Assistant Director of ISS, Fumi Cheever discusses the meaning and importance of Tea and Talk.

“People may have some questions about different culture or different customs or even tradition, but they maybe never had the chance to talk to each  other. So this opportunity hopefully is going to be very casual but at a safe environment so people can ask question something like what typical age do you get married in your culture or something like that. I mean it can be different in a different culture and different country as well we all do.”  Cheever said.

Cheever discusses how Tea and Talk provides culture.

“It’s just not only one way culture  from learning from international students, but it’s both ways so we all learn from each other anytime I sit down with that couch [in ISS’s room] I learn something new,” Cheever said.

Cheever explains what she wants students to get out of Tea and Talk.

“I just want the students to be comfortable in asking each other hopefully that’ll lead to future friendships,” Cheever said

Indigo Gaydusek is a student at Western and she discussed her favorite part about Tea and Talk.

“Trying to hear different cultures and experiences differ from what I’m used to. I just need to see how something I’m used to in my culture is completely different in somebody else’s culture. We don’t normally think about that always, we have put our culture in a box and [we] just think about how it is just how we’re used to being,” Gaydusek said.

Gaydusek learned quite a few things at this event.

“I learned that a lot of other cultures, their weddings can have 1,015 invited and it can last more than one day and in the Indian culture it can last more than five days and they personally invite people, they don’t just send in invitations, but bring the invitations to the people,” Gaydusek said.

Carson Myers is a student and a Program Coordinator for ISS. He explains what his responsibilities are with ISS.

“My title is program coordinator of the ISS office and as a program coordinator, I work in here helping the international students’s with their various needs, helping them with their visas and basic office work and also help plan events for the ISS office, we strive to plan events that increase the global education and knowledge  for the students at Missouri Western,” Myers said.

Myers’s expectations were met at Tea and Talk.

“We had a great group that came from many different backgrounds, met many different generations even that were able to talk about the topic of the day and give a bunch of perspectives. It was interesting and educational,” Myers said.


Myers discusses what the goal of Tea and Talk is.

“I was talking to this  one man that came and I think that more than a person understands other cultures, other perspectives,  the more a person can understand their own, so the goal for Tea and Talk or for any other International event is to see the world from a variety of perspectives and better formulate their own perspective and their own opinions,” Myers said.

Myers personally wants to invite any students who are interested in any ISS event.

“I would like to invite anybody who is interested into stop by to the next Tea and Talk event or  stop by the International office at any time and we love meeting new people, making connections with students and community members,”  Myers said.