Dick’s Sporting Goods makes an effort for tighter gun laws

Campus Voice Opinion

The outdoor and leisure activity store chain Dick’s Sporting Goods made an announcement on Feb. 28 that the company will stop selling AR-15’s at stores nationwide and the company also raised the age limit to buy a gun to 21.

If AR-15s are taken away then people are going to go find other weapons that can cause damage. Like, a person that is 21 or over can go into Dick’s or another sporting establishment and buy a handgun or another type of rifle or shotgun.

If the person were determined they could cause equal if not more damage than with an AR. If AR’s are off the shelf, then people are going to look at other weapons, like using knives, fishing hooks and paddles.

I can see the pros in this case however as by taking away ARs this could lead to less modifications done to the weapon making it more deadly. For example, bump stocks which are attachable stocks that you can put on the AR, allows it to mimic full auto fire. As far as I know there isn’t a lot of modifications that can make a shotgun or another type of rifle more deadly than it can be.

Another benefit of this matter I can see is that by having a well known company make the first step in ceasing to sell ARs. Then this can give confidence to other big retailers that they can also stop selling ARs too. If the trend keeps up then soon most big retailers can stop selling ARs and it could make one harder to obtain that way.

By removing ARs, people that go out and buy a shotgun or another type of rifle they could theoretically do less damage. The civilian shotgun for example can only hold up to around two or five shells before having to reload because the shotguns pellets spread out when fired. Other rifles for example, a hunting rifle, though it is powerful it can’t hold a bunch of ammo, so that detracts more time from the shooter to deal damage.

While Dick’s is making an effort for tighter gun laws, I do believe that we should not completely remove guns as that would be conflicting with the second amendment. The second amendment was put in place so that civilians can arm themselves in case of a government takeover or uprising the civilians can defend themselves. If guns are stripped away from civilians how are we going to defend ourselves when a government takeover does occur?

Raising the age limit to buy a gun can be helpful if anyone was thinking of going out to buy a gun, but if another source 21 or older were to go out and buy it then the person’s motivation for committing dangerous acts still follow through.

After the act has been committed the person that supplied the guns would be arrested too. So, raising the age limit can be helpful but not a whole lot as people can use other adults to buy the guns. The potential shooter could also use force if he knew the person fairly well to obtain the weapons.

Dick’s sporting goods raising the limit to 21 and taking AR’s off the shelves solves some problems but doesn’t get rid of shootings or mass acts of violence that are still potential  but it can discourage those people that have thoughts of committing such a sick act.