Bring back college sports video games


It’s that time of year again. The college basketball regular season wraps up. There’s talks of Cinderella’s and bracketology. But, there is one thing you won’t be hearing about: a college basketball video game.
The last college basketball video game came out in 2009. So, we’re going on nine years without experiencing the madness virtually.
Now the real reason why we don’t have a college basketball video game is confused by many. People point the finger at former UCLA standout Ed O’Bannon. This is because he lead a lawsuit against EA Sports and NCAA. But, what most people don’t know is EA selected out of court with O’Bannon and other former athletes. The athletes recieved a check based on the closeness to their likliness.
But, the NCAA didn’t settle. The courts sided with O’Bannon and college sports games became obsolete.
But, we can’t blame O’Bannon as the reason we have no more college sports game. Let’s be honest, if you were in a video game and didn’t see any compensation wouldn’t you be a little pissed? I know I would. I mean why should someone else reek the benefits of all the work I put in.
We can’t blame EA either. While they did discontinue the series, in reality they had no choice but to. I mean once the lawsuit was filed, the basketball series was put on the shelf. Once the ruling was filed in 2014, the college football series was canned.
The heart of the matter, it’s NCAA’s fault that we no longer have these games. EA actually wanted to pay the athletes to use their likeliness. But, it was against NCAA rules in violation of amaturism.
I don’t see how college sports is still considered amatuer sports. The only similarity is they’re not “paid”. Of course some colleges pay certain athletes to play for them any, such as Arizona has done.
Also, college sports are more like professional sports than you think. It’s a business, where if you don’t succeed there will be consequences. Also, the athletes spend a lot of time practicing their sport.
So I firmly believe that the NCAA should remove their rules about protecting amatuerism. More importantly they should allow EA Sports to compensate players and get back to making college sports video games. This would make both, players and fans, very happy.
But, until something drastic happens, here’s to having to survive another year with no new college game.