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Time is always limited. Western students are reminded to try and find a little extra time to see their advisors for the upcoming 2018-2019 fall class registration.

It can become easy to forget the simplest tasks as college students. Whether it’s flyers on walls around campus or on all of the doors in the residence halls, the campus shows the importance of registering for classes.

The current registration schedule has been posted and is highly recommended to be viewed by all Western students coming back to the Griffon life. While it is acceptable to register late, advisor and Chief of the Journalism department Bob Nulph gave his advice on registering sooner than later.

“You can always register late. I wouldn’t suggest it because we’re getting a lot of new students, which is a good thing, but also means classes fill up. If you’re in a major that has a lot of students, or if you want a specific section in general studies, if you’re late, you’re not going to get into that section since general studies fill up pretty quickly,” said Nulph.

Western advisor and Professor Derek Evans also explained why it’s best to register sooner.

“The earlier you get in, the better chance you have of not getting stuck with an 8 a.m. course, or a night course or stuck with a teacher you don’t like,” said Evans.

The schedule for registration is different for each grade level, but a suggested time frame for freshman through senior classes has been given for all future Griffons.

First year Griffons with less than 30 hours should see his/her advisor by Wednesday, March 7th.

Any sophomore Griffons with 30-59 hours should book an appointment with his/her advisor by Monday, March 5th in order to discuss schedules for the next school semester.

Griffon juniors with 60-89 hours at Western should visit his/her advisor before Thursday, March 1st.

By next Monday, February 26th, any and all senior or graduate Griffons with 90 hours or more need to see and speak with their advisor.

One Western senior Megan Knisley met with her advisor and registered within the deadline, but explained how she still faced a few obstacles along the way.

“Definitely there were some classes I had issues getting into because they were almost full, or they were full, so I’m having to take some during the summer,” said Knisley. “I would say definitely meet with your advisor as soon as you can because it’s going to be a lot easier in the long run.”

To set up an appointment with your Western advisor is easy and doesn’t take much time.

Senior Knisley explained how easy it was for her to set up and prepare for her meeting.

“She just sends out an e-mail and so we just have to e-mail her back and say when we can meet, fill out all the information, and then she gave me my PIN, and we went over the classes I’m taking,” said Knisley.

Nulph gave a few suggestions on the easiest ways to schedule an advising appointment for Summer or Fall of 2018.

“Every professor does it a different way. By or e-mail, some professors sign up different ways,” said Nulph.

Once the easiest step is finished, a frequent question is, “What do I do next?” Since the obvious is to wait, it is crucial to be prepared for your advising appointment. Nulph gave tips on the best ways to be prepared for the sake of time and efficiency.

“It is a really good idea to have a list of classes that you think you need, and that have previously talked about with your advisor, because in the general studies area you have a lot of different choices, so come up with some of that already figured out,” said Nulph. “I also encourage my students to think about ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ Think about that when you’re choosing the general studies classes,”


All Griffons at Western are reminded that an alternate PIN is necessary to register for any classes, whether online and/or in campus classrooms.


Beginning Tuesday, March 20th, students are reminded that residential life contract renewal sessions will take place and will need to be returned.

Being a college student takes a lot of time and work, but it’s best to go ahead and get things done ahead of time if possible.

If you have questions concerning the registration schedule or seeing your advisor, contact Student Success in Eder 209 or feel free to contact