Women stun Lopers

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Women’s basketball may not have been able to win these past two games last week, but they still get a chance at the MIAA conference tournament. Northwest was unable to win both of their games which allowed Western to qualify for the tournament.

The Griffons finished out the regular season with a record of 11-17 (.393). It wasn’t quite the turnout expected, considering last year they were 21-8 (.724). However, Western did not start out this way.

They began the season 9-1 including a win over the number 21 University of Central Oklahoma, who was undefeated before the loss. Then, like a light switch, everything seems to flip-flop. Western just fell apart over winter break. By the time everyone was back at school, they went from 9-1 to 10-17.

Coach Rob Edmisson pretty much hit the nail on the head in a previous interview.

“Fortunately they are talented kids and very coachable kids,” Edmisson said. “They are very receptive to being coached, but it’s going to take this team a while to get to the level that we want to play.”

The way the season turned out, it is very clear about what he was trying to convey. For a team with nine new players on the roster, things were on the up-side in the beginning. However, what’s happened since has been injuries and off-court issues that have kept this team from being great.

Edmisson has been adamant about the ongoing problems that this team has.

“Our biggest issue right now is our offensive side of the floor,” Edmisson said. “Defensively we have been playing pretty well.”

Such a statement is absolutely true, as the women have held their teams to 64 points the last 10 out of 11 games.

“We are having a hard time scoring, and the big part of that is we are short with shooters and some skilled people that can go make baskets and make plays on their own,” Edmisson said. “Everything is being manufactured and it makes it pretty easy for people to scout and so people already know what we are going to do. We are limited.”

It has been a tough season for the Griffons as they are trying to keep up with the difficulty of the conference. Western plays the number five seed Nebraska-Kearney (21-6) on Monday. The winner will travel to Kansas City, Missouri, to play in the Municipal Auditorium to play the number four seed Central Oklahoma in the MIAA championship quarterfinals on March 1.