Trevor Brown may be police chief in June

Departmental News

In December of 2017, Trevor Brown was appointed as the interim police chief of Missouri Western after former police chief Yvonne Meyer left the postion.

Brown has stepped into the role with plenty of experience under his belt: He has over 15 years of experience as a police officer on Western’s campus. But that’s not the only time he’s spent time on campus: he was once a student at Western.

Although Brown has years of experience patrolling campus, stepping into role of chief came with changes Brown embraced.

“There are a lot of meetings, but it’s nice doing the one-on-one,” Brown said.  “Getting to meet with different groups on campus. I never had that opportunity working night shifts. It’s a change but it’s a good change, I do like it. I’m not on responding to calls; I get to do all the stuff after.”

Vice President of Financial Planning Cale Fessler said he is happy Brown is continuing Meyer’s work and how smooth the transition has been.

“He is carrying on what we hope is a positive interaction between the police department and the campus that was instilled while Chief Myer was still here and able to continue that,” Fessler said. “I wouldn’t say there’s been anything radically different or majorly different. I also don’t see that as a negative. I think he is continuing to provide oversight over the department and making sure we continue to operate as we should.”

There is currently no active search process for a police chief going on. An evaluation of Brown’s performance will be conducted sometime in June and hopefully give better direction on whether a search will be needed or possibly an extension.