The Great Dubois Juggles into Western

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A circus duo contorted and juggled their way into Western on Jan. 31st. The Great Dubois’ show was run and performed by Michael Dubois and assisted by Viktoria Grimmy.

Dubois has been performing his acts for 12 years and has been featured on many late night TV shows, while Grimmy is an award-winning fifth-generation circus performer. She has also been featured in multiple movies, one of which is called Burlesque.

Having performed at multiple shows and been featured on high platforms, Dubois and Grimmy are currently on tour traveling and showcasing their acts together.

The show included juggling and riding on unicycles while tossing bladed knives to one another. It also had hula hoops, aerial stunts and contortions, all while Dubois joked and interacted with the audience.

Assistant Dean of Student Development and advisor for Western Activities Council Isiah Collier helped bring Dubois to Western. Collier was pleased with Dubois’ acts and how many people attended.

“Our last count was at 173, which was way more people that we anticipated. My goal was to get 100 people, but a lot of community people also came out. It was fantastic,” Collier said.

Inside the Kemper Recital Hall, Western students and many St. Joseph residents were excited to see the show. Children were thrilled to watch unique performances and some of them assisted Dubois on stage.

St. Joseph resident 11-year-old Nevah Brown was eager to volunteer for Dubois. Brown had always been intrigued by juggling and wanted to be a part of it one day.

“I just felt that I wanted to go up there to have fun and just learn more about him. It was really fun I hope he comes again,” Brown said.

This was his second time performing at Western. Dubois explains his ongoing tour.

“We’re always doing stuff. This is our third college of the semester but before that we did a couple Disney crew ships. We do that again next week and then more colleges later in February. We work a lot of different markets,”

Grimmy has been a part of the Great Dubois performances for many years and always wants the audience to feel welcomed.

“We really try to bring the old school way of performing where it’s nondenominational. It’s pretty secular, we’re not trying to preach politics. All in all, we just want people to sit back and relax and watch the show,” Grimmy said.

Dubois feels that the atmosphere and people were amazing and was pleased to perform again.

“I was here 3 or 4 years ago and to me the greatest compliment is to have a show somewhere and them wanting us to come back. It’s pretty awesome,” Dubois said.

WAC hopes to have them perform again in the near future. For more information on future performances, check out the WAC event calendar.