As a kid, Saturday mornings are best spent sleeping in or 5 inches away from the television with a larger than normal bowl of cereal.  But not on Super Science Saturday. The annual event is held in conjunction with the St. Joseph Muesmens and MWSU.


Saturday morning at MWSU looked as though it might have been a Saturday afternoon football game against Northwest, because the parking lot near Spratt field was jammed packed with 4 foot tall future Einsteins jumping out of cars, excited about the festivities that Super Science Saturday had to offer.

There was an overwhelming amount of kids in attendance. According to Kathy Reno, a staff member at the event, anywhere from 800 to 1500 children attended. Super Science Saturday was more than just a children’s event, but an event the whole family could enjoy together.


“We target primarily third through fifth grade students, but they bring older brothers and sisters and we love that,” Reno said. “ I’ve even seen adults get in on the action. They love the planetarium and chemistry shows more than the kids do”.


Take it from Missouri Western Fitness and Wellness teacher and mother of two Darcie Marinchek.


“I enjoyed it, I like how they were able to touch multiple ages. There was stuff for everybody there, and it was really well organized” Marinchek said.


Indeed there was stuff for the whole family to enjoy: Biology activities, Chemistry labs, access to MWSU’s Planetarium, and creatures that could only be found in zoo’s.


MWSU student Kayla Crumby never thought she’d ever come in contact with one of the largest snakes in the world, the Burmese Yellow Python. “I never thought that I would come across an animal like that, I have seen it on the animal planet but never in reality before,” Crumby said. “ It was terrifying to have something nearly the size of me on my shoulder”.


One family favorite was the Chemistry Show hosted by Mike Ducey and Dan Stasko of the Chemistry department at MWSU. If you enjoy flames, nerdy scientific jokes, and spontaneous explosions then this was absolutely the show for you.  After the show, Stasko spoke to share why the Chemistry show is one of the main attractions during super science Saturday.


“Well simply because it’s fun, and it goes beyond just dry numbers,” Stasko said .


Super Science Saturday is held on the last Saturday each January and with the 20th anniversary coming up in a couple years this event is guaranteed to only keep getting better and better.