Spring Awakening Review


Spring Awakening offers a whirlwind of emotions that will captivate your attention and send your mind reminiscing back to your youth.

Friday night, Spring Awakening made its debut in the Potter Theater on MWSU campus, and I was astonished by the luxurious setting that the theater department presented for this even. I was welcomed by doormen and greeted by lovely assistants who made me feel like I was walking into the Royal Penthouse in Switzerland, okay maybe that’s an exaggeration but either way I felt special so let me have my moment. Concession stands with nothing costing more than a dollar made me instantly enticed because that’s a huge difference from movie theater junk, the only negative however was not being able to eat your snack inside the theater. Like I said before MWSU really went all out for this musical, allowing you to request where you wanted to sit and even having a chauffeur help you find your seat. At this point I am more than ready to enjoy this musical, I felt like I’d been given the superstar treatment and on top of that, I even stuck some M&M’s in my pocket.

Usually, most cinemas or plays start out slow and build up to the climax, however, this was the not the case for Spring Awakening. This musical takes you for a ride right from the start and doesn’t think about stepping on the brakes, romance, comedy, tragedy, this musical offers the whole package. I spoke with some of the cast members prior to the event and they told me how the young talent on the cast would come out and shine bright, and I’m here to say they definitely lived up to expectations. The singing by the whole cast was spot on, but the roles of Melchior and Wendla played by Jalen Redmond and Mycah Williams showed me why they were cast as the leading roles.

While I enjoyed the roles of almost all of the cast members the one that I deemed my favorite was the role of Moritz played by Thomas Delgado. He brought the whole musical together with his energy and emotion, which made his character hard not to like.

Out of a one out of five-star rating Spring Awakening gets four stars from me, the cast seemed like they genuinely liked each other and were a hundred percent comfortable around one another. However, the absence of a curtain and the simplicity of the set up were the only reasons Spring Awakening doesn’t get five stars from me. Aside from that, I feel like the musical as a whole hit home for me and I believe its something that MWSU students will enjoy it as well because of how relatable it is to young adults. With that being said if you have not already done so check out Spring Awakening as it will be showing again in the Potter Hall Theater March 1-3.