Second degree sexual abuse reported on campus

Crime News

On Jan. 19, a  second-degree sexual abuse case was reported to campus police. The crime occurred on campus and the suspect has not been publicly identified.

According to the case report, there was one victim and four witnesses. Interim Police Chief Trevor Brown said that the case is currently in the Buchanan County prosecutor’s office and that the Police Department is not authorized to release any more information at this time.

“It’s still technically under investigation until they decide to file charges,” Brown said. “If it’s still pending charges, which who knows how long that can be, it’s still technically an investigation because they can file at any time if they choose to. We may not currently be investigating but their office is.”

This is the second sex crime to be reported this calendar year. Brown says that this is a trend that is happening elsewhere due to increased media attention.

“As the sexual assault, sexual harassment hits the bigger media, we’re going to see an increase,” Brown said. “It’s everywhere. Everyone is seeing an increase.”

Brown says that they have not been told whether there is an upcoming hearing for the suspect.