NFL Coach of the year voting

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Sean McVay is the 2018 NFL Coach of the Year and he deserves it, getting 33 out of the 50 votes, but Doug Pederson deserved more than one.

Doug Pederson is the head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, the super bowl winning Philadelphia Eagles, and he got one vote for the prestigious award. I think that’s wrong. In no way should one head coach be proven to be the best head coach of the best team and then get one vote. Should he have won it? No, I don’t believe so. McVay turned around the Los Angeles Rams in one season, so he deserved more votes the Mike Zimmer and Doug Marrone.

I’ve heard the argument that Pederson already had a good team, but Zimmer has had the Vikings and they’ve been — although inconsistent — really good at times! Doug Marrone came in at the right time and inherited a good team, and he did wonderful things with his defense. However, that team was mostly in place, and you can thank a lot of the success to the defensive coordinator.

Doug Pederson took control of Carson Wentz and molded him into a starting NFL quarterback, and to help him more he brought in Nick Foles, LeGarrette Blount, Alshon Jeffery, Jay Ajayi and many others to help his young QB. And it worked! He built a system similar to the one used in Kansas City, but with more deep passes and it worked! He traded away Jordan Mathews to get more defense because he knew that Wentz didn’t need a wide-receiver, he needed more defense. Pederson is smart and he helped mold Philadelphia from a team no one even feared into a powerhouse.

Sean McVay led the Rams from 4-12 to 11-5 with a wild card round loss. Doug Pederson led the Eagles from 7-9 to 13-3 with a super bowl win. That’s the coach I want on my team. The man knows football, and it is because of him that Carson Wentz was in the best atmosphere for him to grow. It is because of him that the Eagles didn’t overspend on defense when everyone said their secondary was horrible. It is because of him that the Eagles are able to consistently use four running backs in a game for four completely different reasons. Most teams don’t even have a true number one — I’m looking at you Indianapolis —  and the Eagles have four. All four could either easily hold a starting job, or very easily compete for one.

The awards were at the end of the regular season, so people say that the final games for the Eagles were on their mind but how does that effect Pederson? His backup QB was able to win games for them, and even if they were sloppy you can’t fault a head coach for an injury. He should’ve been thought of higher for not collapsing like everyone thought his team would. Instead he rode that backup quarterback all the way to a Super Bowl victory, all the way to one vote, and that right there, is a travesty.