New award for male and female student-athletes

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Missouri Western is taking a S.t.E.P in the right direction by giving back to student athletes. Western and St. Joseph area student athletes can now be nominated by faculty and staff for the Student-athlete Excellence Program award.

Each month one male and one female athlete will be nominated for the award. The StEP award will be presented to each athlete represents the culture that the committee would like to have at Missouri Western. This award focuses exclusively on how our athletes crush their day off the playing field or court.

To showcase exactly what our athletes are doing out in the world, Assistant Professor in Business and Chair of StEP Phillip Frank talked about how the award was brought to Western.

“I reached out to a number of individuals and I keep hearing the same story,” Frank said. “ ‘I’ve got some great students in my class and some great student-athletes in my class.’ I felt this would be a good way to try to bring some of those stories to life to really show our support for some of the student athletes that have demonstrated such admirable characteristics and behaviors in our community in both Missouri Western and the St. Joseph area.”

Frank along with the StEP committee that consists of himself, Assistant Professor of Health Regan Dodd, Director of Academic Services Signe Coombs, Gold Code member Christina Lund and student athlete Audrey Keim will determine which nominees will be selected. The inspiration for the committee was to have a wide range of perspectives to help make the decision making process fair.

For Regan Dodd this award is to show campus the student athletes who have qualities that will help them excel in life.

“I think that this program is forcing us to focus on ‘life in the balance’ and the things that the student athletes are doing outside the playing field. That’s what I love about it,” Dodd said. “Being a student first and being a leader are some of the skill sets that I know are going to be most important for student athletes to have later in their life.”

Signe Coombs who deals with roughly over 275 student-athletes talked about the importance for building a relationship between the students and faculty.

“I think this program will help cultivate and strengthen the relationship between faculty and staff in the athletics. We already have a good relationship and this will only strengthen it. We’ll show the community that we have the support of our University. I think that speaks volumes to the atmosphere of our campus community,” Coombs said.

The award is not sponsored and does not offer money to award winners at this time.

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