Loco for hot cocoa

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Nothing in life is free. Unless you’re a student at Western; which in that case, sometimes there’s free food.

The Center for Student Involvement at Western is frequently coming up with ideas on how to get Western students together on campus. Recently, CSI held the Free Donuts and Hot Chocolate Day in upstairs Blum.

As anyone can imagine, the free snacks were successful.

Student Involvement Programming Assistant Natalie Miller, is one of the masterminds behind the Western free food days. Miller believes that food is easy for college kids to relate to.

“College students always like free food and we, as an organization, like to get students involved on campus and bring people together over something they enjoy,” said Miller.

Coffee breaks are overrated. During the CSI event, students from all over campus came to take a “hot chocolate break,” with donuts included.

The hot cocoa and donut event was a great time for Western students to come and chat for a few minutes between classes, or grab a dessert after lunch with their friends.

Some students stopped by the event just because the decorative posters caught their attention. Western senior Indigo Gaydusek explained how the colorful promoted posters are what caught her attention.

“I saw the sign, beautifully decorated, and I didn’t think I would have time to stop by, but I realized I did,” said Gaydusek.

Assistant Dean of the Center for Student Involvement and second host of the hot cocoa and donut day, Isaiah Collier explained how the CSI has held themed events once a month since last fall to keep students involved on campus.

“Last semester we did a joint program between the Center for Student Involvement and also the Center for Multicultural Education. We did an event called ‘Way back Wednesdays,’ and then we decided we wanted to do events more often, so I thought it would be cool to do themed events about once a month,” said Collier.

Collier went on to explain why students should attend the CSI events.

“All of our events are totally free. We strongly encourage students to get outside of their residence halls and actually come to some of the events, and check it out,” said Collier.

Primary host Miller, informs Western students on the next free food event in the month of February.  

“We will actually be hosting another program in February on the 14th, from 11:00-1:00 p.m., where we will be doing chocolate covered strawberries,” said Miller.

Whether Valentine’s Day is special for you or not, chocolate covered strawberries are definitely lovable and Western students are encouraged to stop by and socialize with some more sweet treats.

For more events, check out the CSI website calendar, or keep an eye out for any decorative posters or flyers in Blum Union.