India Republic Day Comes To Misssouri Western


Missouri Western’s International Student Services sponsored the India Republic Day on Friday afternoon, Jan. 26.

The India Republic Day began around 12 p.m. in Blum Student Union. At the start of the ceremony, students began to pledge to Jana Gana Mana, the national anthem of India.

Dr. Preashant Tauran, an assistant professor of Business at Western, attended the event. He enjoyed his time there.

“It [India Republic Day] brings people together, that’s one way I like it… At Missouri Western, it’s my first time, when I was a graduate student, I used to go all of these celebrations,” Tauran said.

Tauran believes that the India Republic Day helps students become more involved.

“Just having a chance to mingle with people with different backgrounds while celebrating an actual hallmark day in history,” Tauran said.

Tauran thinks that India Republic Day should be a yearly event at Western.

“It should be celebrated [yearly] because it reflects our values as an institution,” Tauran said.

Student Government Association senator at Western Anh Nguyen celebrated the event and enjoys the culture.

“My favorite part today is just getting to know a different like culture other than the one I’m used to,” Nguyen said. “Seeing how they celebrate their day and it’s so different how we celebrate Independence Day over here and just by seeing a different culture being acknowledged and represented on this campus.”

Nguyen acknowledged that this was his first time attending an Indian Republic Day.

“This is my first time ever being ever exposed to this day and like getting to see what goes on like hearing more about it from people from India,” Nguyen said.

As a senator for SGA, Nguyen wants to get more involved around campus.

“As a senator, we try our best to try and reach out and see what’s going on campus,” Nguyen said.

Payal Verma, a student at Western, also attended the event.

Verma discussed how international students became involved with the India Republic Day.

“We [Indian and Nepali Student Association] organize events to connect to American and international students,” Verma said.

International Student Services along with collaboration from Indian and Nepali Student Association will provide India Republic Day, next year.