Heart Your Union becomes sensational at Western

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For Valentine’s Day, the Heart Your Union event was hosted inside upstairs Blum. The event consisted of free HIV testing, multiple giveaways and opportunities to join organizations on campus. The Student Government Association and other various organizations sponsored the event.

Director of Student Involvement, Britane Hubbard,  explained what took place at the Heart Your Union event.

“This is an event, we try to get many students as possible to come to the union and basically as the name says get a field of love in the union like what Student Affairs can do for them, what SGA can do for them, what CSI [Center of Student Involvement] can do for them,” Hubbard said. “It’s about educating them on resources and also having fun through games and characteristics and free t-shirts and prizes,”

Hubbard acknowledged that Heart Your Union offers a unity for similar students and organizations.

“It’s open for everyone. We do invite organizations  to put up [their] tables to boost student involvement and to volunteer and stuff like that. It’s really about letting students knowing what their union has to offer them,” Hubbard said.

One of the organizations present at the Heart Your Union was the Sigma Kappa Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Darius Griffin, Vice President of Sigma Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. addressed the students about what his fraternity does at Western.

“Our sole purpose is to serve the community first and foremost from a black perspective. So with this being a prominent white institution, it’s important for us to look out for other black students and try to improve our intention weights,” Griffin said.

Griffin believes his fraternity brings high exceptions to Western.

“We are really  high on academics, we’re an academic organization.  It’s one of our values to push academic excellence [and] we try to be role models in that perspective as well and just be everyday leaders through our community,” Griffin said.

Carson Myers is a student and Program Coordinator for the International Student Services, he enjoyed his time at Heart Your Union.

“It’s pretty cool. There’s a lot of new people walking around and engaging in conversations with other organizations. It’s a very beneficial event,” Myers said.

Myers spoke to Western’s students about ISS’s upcoming events.

“The Tea And Talk is a chance to get together and have some free snacks and free tea. We’ll have a bowl of questions and pull out different  topics and get to talk to people and understand different cultures, different perspectives and different ideas,” Myers said.

For more information about later events at Western, check out the griffon event calendar.