Grinding Guzman’s Gears- Colleges adapting to US


We have reached the year 2018, the world is evolving right in front of our very eyes thanks to technology. However, colleges around the world are failing to adapt and that’s where I come in to take a stand.

Attention all colleges students. I am here to speak for the voiceless. Colleges around the world are failing to adapt to our first world problems. Most of us are between the ages of 18-25, which means we are apart of the technology boom of the 21st century. A 2015 survey done by Deloitte found that Americans check their phones an average of 8 billion times per day. Which means the average person checks their phone 46 times a day, a considerable increase from the 2014 average of 33 times per day.  I can only imagine what that number looks like today, which brings me back to our first world problems. While being able to access the world by just picking up our phones has presented a lot of pros, it has also handicapped our attention spans. Our attention spans rivals those of goldfish and this causes a serious problem for college students. As we know college is one of the highest forms of educational learning, however is it also one of the most tedious. College courses range from 50-150 minutes and in most cases a typical lecture goes something like this. I walk into my classroom where the instructor is eager to start class, he/she is frantically staring at the clock awaiting the second for class to start, only to talk your ear off. Oh yeah and did I mention class is a no cell phone zone during the lecture. 15 minutes into class and already I can not take it. The instructor has been rambling the entire time without stopping and I can’t restrain myself from dozing off any longer.

I wake up to a drool puddle on my notebook and slightly confused, because for some reason I feel like I’ve slept an eternity, however it’s only been 3 minutes. I think to myself “did anyone see me dose off? Did someone record me on snapchat during class? Did my teacher see me daydreaming? Damn she must feel terrible that her student is dozing off during her lecture.”  These are all the thoughts that race through my head upon waking up for my intermediate naps. I feel terrible because in my head I would feel like a horrible teacher if my students were falling asleep right in front of me. This situation happens to me all the time and I have finally realized I am not the one to blame.

Why haven’t colleges thought about broadcasting these classes? With technology as advanced as it is, why are students being penalized for not attending class especially those that require you to just sit and take notes for hours at a time? I know that online courses are an option, but not every course is offered online. I am clearly aware what lecture means, however not having any student participation and talking at the speed of light, hoping your messages gets to your students, isn’t a great recipe.

Don’t misinterpret me here, I am not saying this as a way to get out of going to class. I am saying this as an alternative option that colleges should indeed explore to the classes that don’t offer any excitement whatsoever. We have the technology to do it and colleges know the attention spans of Americans is shrinking, yet they are depriving us from different ways of getting our education.